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In accordance with article 17 of the company's by-laws and article 6 of the Regulations of the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors will be responsible for the company's management and legal representation and will have a minimum of three and a maximum of ten members.  Currently, the Board of Directors has 5 members.

Laurent T. Salmon: Chairman and Representative shareholder

Raimon Rotllan Terradellas: Independent coordinating Director

Mireia Blanch Olivé: External Director

Mauricio Canals Ramoneda: Independent Director

Matteo Buzzi: Independent Director

Ignacio López-Balcells Romero: Company Secretary (non-Director)

Laurent T. Salmon

Position: Chairman

Type: Representative

First appointed: 19/06/23

Laurent T. Salmon is the CFO of Paragon Group Limited, owner of Paragon Financial Investments Limited, the majority shareholder of Innovative Solutions Ecosystem, S.A.

Laurent T. Salmon represented Paragon Financial Investments Limited, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Innovative Solutions Ecosystem, S.A. from June 2016 until June 2023.

Raimon Rotllán Terradellas

Position: Coordinating Director

Type: Independent

First appointed: 30/06/16

Last renewal: 30/10/20


Mireia Blanch Olivé

Position: Director and vice-Secretary

Type: Other external

First appointed: 19/11/13

Last renewal: 28/12/21


Mauricio Canals Ramoneda

Position: Director

Type: Independent

First appointed: 24/02/14

Last renewal: 28/12/21


Matteo Buzzi

Position: Director

Type: Independent

First appointed: 06/11/13

Last renewal: 28/12/21


Ignacio López-Balcells Romero

Position: Secretary

Type: Non-Director

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